When did you last check your flare and do you know the condition of your flare system?  Argo Environmental Engineering Limited's Flare Life system will provide full condition monitoring of the flare system and advise on key safety issues such as dropped object risk, and protection as well as flare performance and life.

Condition Monitoring of your flare system is vital.  We deal with at least one flare failure every year requiring emergency plant shutdown for flare maintenance or change out.


Vertech Helicopter lifting

Argo Environmental Engineering Limited was formed in 1995 initially to support special down hole / reservoir studies in a Joint Uk/ Norway project examining the disposal of CFC gasses by injection into dead reservoirs.

In 1998 AEEL started marketing activities in support of a major flare systems supplier in the UK, responsible for North Sea areas. The following year in 1999 AEEL signed a contract with Vertech Offshore AS (then Statnett Entreprenur) to provide support to introduce helicopter lifting techniques to change flares on offshore facilities in the UK. Later that year an agreement was also signed with UMOE Process Technology AS (now Wärtsilä Oil & Gas) in Bergen to market flare gas recovery and flare gas ignition systems in the UK.

In 2001 AEEL formed a new company called Argo Flare Services Limited with 3 other partners manufacturing flare systems concentrating on the UKCS. Argo Flares Ltd was sold four years later to PCC Stirling as an ongoing business and AEEL refocused its business in consultancy and marketing.

Jonathan Miles as AEEL MD also as a shareholder and founding director in Clean Water Services Limited (CWSL) in Aberdeen, developing new technology for removing dissolved oil from produced water through a JIP in Aberdeen.

More recently AEEL has signed an agreement to provide full marketing support to Rosetti Marino S.p.A. in UK and Norwegian offshore areas.

AEEL now offers a very experienced team able provide dedicated market support in Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy Sectors Offshore as well as specialist flare systems knowledge.