Condition Assessment

  • Do you know the condition of your flare?

  • When did you last inspect the flare systems?

  • Have you reviewed the risk of a dropped object from the flare?

  • Have you significantly changed the expected flare duty or requirements?

  • Have you documented records of flare inspections and condition assessment?

  • Have you challenged the need for a flare inspection or change out?

There are all critical questions that all operators should be able to answer YES?  If, as is the more usual case the answers are generally NO then it is time for action.  FlareLife™ flare services can help you solve all these issues.

Flare Condition Assessment:

We will take inspection material from any source and start the review process.  Helicopter flyby or drone inspections can help assess the flare condition.


We can define inspection requirements based on need rather than a schedule and specify what needs to be inspected. 

Flare deck assessments can be undertaken and impact the flare will have on handrails or deck.


Liquid carry over from the flare will impact heat release and local damage.

Flare design Reviews:


Where flares suffering we can undertake a design review to consider if the flare design is the most appropriate to meet current needs of changing operations.  We can review impact of changing process needs on the flare.


  • Is your flare design best for purpose?

  • Does changing operational needs require different flare technologies

  • Do you suffer unstable flares and are the pilots fit for purpose

  • Does your ignition system meet demands


Environmental Reviews:

We can assist with looking at full flare system performance to meet changing needs.  Can Flare Gas Recovery be economic as well as financially benefit


Life Time assessments

Probably the hardest thing to do is to say when the flare will fail.  Given some history and repaeated inspections we can assist with maintenance planning.  Every year we are involved with AT LEAST 1 facility suffering emergency shutdown or extended shutdown to change a flare unexpectedly.  This is a major cost and need never happen but always does – EVERY YEAR.


Case History

We have direct experience working with operators who wish to extend the life of their flares to the next available shutdown period.  

Case History 1: Damaged Flare in UK

A seriously damaged flare in the UK needed to last a further 9 months in order to reach a scheduled summer shutdown.  FlareLife conducted regular inspections with a High Definition camera drone and conducted careful analysis and interpretation of results.  This allowed FlareLife to support and provide expert advice on flare condition and degradation to their client in HAZOP meetings and as needed in the months leading up to the shutdown.

Case History 2: Steam Flares in Norway

Steam flares in Norway are suffering extensive internal burning and icing due to poor steam control.  We have been able to advise through inspection and interpretation of results, on design faults in the flare, operational procedures to overcome the issues, and longer term strategy for future operation and improved flare specifications.

Case History 3: Air Flares in South America

FlareLife were able to offer remote interpretation of inspection results and assist in new control and pilot ignition technology.  We also assisted following an incident with the flares following a plant powercut.

Case History 4: Flares Failure Offshore in West Africa

Through partner companies, FlareLife were able to remotely assist a company with a flare failure after only 6 months of operation.  Interpretation of the reason for failure, and temporary remedy was advised to allow the operator keep the hydrocarbons flowing.