Argo Environmental Engineering and specialist partners are able to deliver safety and reliability assessments of your flare systems as well as Flare Gas Recovery systems(FGR), Flare Gas Ignition (FGI) systems.


Drone Inspection Services

Offshore inspection
Onshore petrochemical plant
Powerline inspection
Environmental Protection and Oil Spill

Working with Airlift Solutions AS from Norway we offer the highest level of quality drone inspection services and reporting.


Latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) managed reporting is available



Flare gas Recovery (FGR) will eliminate all routine flaring recovering gas for reuse or export via simple gas boosting systems.  Gas is recovered from the flare headers and passed through recovery plant typically boosting gas pressure to allow recovery through existing compression systems or export to power generation systems.  Full design and feasibility assessments can be undertaken by AEEL and selected partners for facilities offshore and onshore.

Zero Flaring for all routine cases will cut overall flare emissions by typically 50% or more, as well as reduce maintenance and inspection costs on the flare systems.  Overall payback on FGR can be achieved in as little as 6 months onshore or 12-18 months offshore.

FGR has a long proven track record of delivering reduced flare emissions, and cost benefits, reducing operational costs and delivering cost benefits.  FGR systems using latest technologies will deliver real benefits to environment, as well as plant operational costs.

FPSO Flare Gas Recovery
Flare Gas Recovery


Flare Gas Ignition (FGI) uses a low pressure air supply to deliver an ignition pellet to a fragment collector on the flare deck.  All the technology is located in the launching control system located at the base of the flare tower or in a safe area, and in the pellet itself.  There is no equipment on the flare deck that can fail avoiding the issues with conventional pilot and ignition systems.

The pellets are equipped with small short life batteries that are activated by passing a magnetic field on the leaving the launch cabinet and will send a shower of sparks 10m at 60 degree cone on exiting the guide pipe on the flare deck.  Spent pellets are completely safe and are captured on the flare deck.

Flare Gas Ignition

The pellet launch cabinet contains buffer air tanks to enable the launch of a pellet even when the air supply to the system has failed.  The cabinet will be connected to the control system and can launch a pellet on demand.



Argo Environmental Engineering Ltd. in partnership with Greens Combustion offers specialised Flare Performance Enhancement Services that include:

  • Flare training and seminars to educate client and operations staff on flare systems

  • Review of flare performance and using flares to identify process issues such as liquid carry over to the flare

  • Radiation modelling

  • CFD Flare modelling

  • Flare dropped object risk assessments and advice

  • Flare failure analysis

Flare Performance Enhancement


Argo Environmental Engineering Ltd are the UK agent for Vertech Offshore AS, the world's leading company for flare tip replacements.  


Vertech Offshore's method for flare time replacement is unique.  The combination of experienced and top qualified personnel, along with specialised tools, and the use of vertical flying technique, make this the safest and most cost effective way of changing your flare tip.  Normally the operation is completed in one day.  The successful replacement of more than 400 flare tips since 1991 makes Vertech Offshore the most experienced company in the world when it comes to flare tip replacements.

Flare tip maintenance