Drone Inspection Services

Offshore inspection
Onshore petrochemical plant
Powerline inspection
Environmental Protection and Oil Spill

Working with Airlift Solutions AS from Norway we offer the highest level of quality drone inspection services and reporting.


Latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) managed reporting is available

Offshore Production Facilities

Airlift Solution Drone inspection coupled to FlareLife™ Reporting delivers lower cost flare operations often able to extend flare life


Flarelife ™ reports are independent of any flare manufacturer and deliver highest quality reporting


Severely damaged flare on offshore platform monitored and expert reports assisted operator to safety maintain operations to planned shutdown date

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Onshore Petrochemical Plant

HD and thermal camera inspection with full FlareLife™ independent reporting services

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Powerline Line Inspection

Leading contractor for powerline inspections in Norway

Latest generation of Drones with HD and Infra-red Cameras

Industry Leading AI Inspection and reporting Database

Environmental Reporting

Oil Spill monitoring with specialist cameras

Sniffer drones sampling atmosphere

Full Aviation background

Understanding of aviation

Can interface with inhouse aviation support

We know flying

Full Aviation Background