Do you know the condition of your flare?

Condition Assessment and Life optimisation

Argo Environmental Engineering together with its partners have developed an independent service to help you monitor and track your flare and any recommendations for future operation.

A flare system is a critical part of the safety for any process plant.  Failure of the Flare system will require a complete plant shutdown and depressurisation of the flare.

Are your Flares Safe?

We will help you assess the condition of your flares, monitor lifelong performance an advise on maintenance requirements.



Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) also known as zero flaring, offers solutions to eliminate routine daily flaring recovering over 50% of gas flared to export or reuse



Flare Gas Ignition systems are typically very variable in performance.  AEEL can review your existing systems and offer performance enhancement as well as supply new FGI Flare Gas Ignition systems based on new Wärtsilä pellet ignition systems



Argo Environmental Engineering Ltd. in partnership with Greens Combustion offers specialised Flare Performance Enhancement Services that include advise, training and flare reviews, CFD and radiation modelling, dropped object risk assessments and advice and flare failure analysis



Argo Environmental Engineering (AEEL) has over 22 years of experience working with flare systems, from the design of flares, through to operation and maintenance of flare systems.  AEEL has direct experience working with Flare Gas Recovery systems and Flare Gas Ignition.  The managing Director Jonathan Miles has published many papers on flare systems performance and maintenance as well as flare gas recovery and flare ignition systems.

AEEL's 'Flare Life' will provide a full condition monitoring of your flare system and advise on key safety issues such as dropped object risk, protection strategies, as well as flare performance and life.


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